a•mal•ga•mat•ed (ə-mælgəˈmeɪtˈed) v. to combine into a unified or integrated whole; unite.
Social Media Marketing

Currently, there is no better way to get the word out about your brand, product or business than Internet marketing. Social media provides our clients with the opportunity to market directly to their target audiences – locally, regionally or globally. Your customers can now turn to Facebook, Goggle+, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and a multitude of other sites to keep in-touch with your business, brand or product. Amalgamated Design Concern keeps your company up-to-date in this faced paced and ever changing environment. We know how to utilize social media to its fullest advantage. Whether to announce an upcoming sale, or build your brand loyalty, we customize your social media marketing to give you the best reach for your dollar.

Public Relations

Long gone are the Mad Men days when high-powered marketers presented concepts and depended on insights drawn from client-facing sales and customer support teams. With the revolution in technology, public relations coordinators have become specialists who analyze customer data to deploy strategic programs. Public relations is the coordinated effort between our marketing professionals and your company, to analyze the situation facing your business. Using our experience, we can quickly present alternatives and suggestions that’ll lead all concerned to the correct path. We always strive to portray your company in the best possible light, while addressing the concerns and challenges of others.

Product Development

Amalgamated Design Concern has been intimately involved in the product design, launching and marketing of several national brands. Our methods are simple, using our research and development expertise we make sure the product that you’ve given so much of your life to create, receives the optimum chance for success. We have the resources, expertise, and know-how that’ll propel your product forward. It should be seen to answer key marketplace needs and deliver value to your customers. We also address any and all competition that might exist in the marketplace that could negatively effect your product. While making sure you’re covered legally with copyright, trademark, and patent protection.

Media Buying & Analytics

We have access to Arbitron ratings for radio and Nielsen ratings for television. For online media, we use Alexa and Nielsen Online ratings, as well as information provided by each site’s webmaster. Print impressions are determined via the Audit Bureau of Circulations. Amalgamated Design Concern LLC uses both ROI and basic media objectives to evaluate the success of your media. CPP, reach and frequency are the primary measures to calculate whether or not our advertising/marketing strategies are positively affecting your bottom line. We also track statistics, historical data, and growing trends to ensure that we have up-to-the-minute information to present to our valuable clients.


amalgamated design concern specializes in demystifying marketing and advertising, so that it becomes more understandable and affordable to everyone.
amalgamated design concern

We also believe there is a process to successful marketing and advertising, that when followed yields the best results:
It begins with uninhibited creative thought, which when applied to a given message, allows for all options to be discussed and formulated with the client.
Following that stage, a plan is adopted that includes budgets, logistics and deadlines.
The final stage is proofing the finished product with the client to ensure that it meets expectations.
Stay tuned for our universal marketing and advertising packages designed for all clients... and all budgets.


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If you want your message to be heard, then you’ll need to stand out from the crowd; that takes great creative. Let our inventive group of multi-talented individuals put together a fresh new approach for you that’ll resonate with your customers. We stretch the possibilities, and expand the boundaries.


POW! We break through the advertising clutter by making emotional connections between your customers and your brand. Our bold, fearless approach to advertising, marketing and product promotion will leave you speechless and begging for more. But, you won’t need to beg, because you’ll already be working with the best.


We are a full-service group of diverse talents that know how to work together. Through our amalgamation of thought, word and action, we meet your needs with integrity, honesty and value. We genuinely appreciate your choice of ADC-LLC, and we will strive to dial-up our creative to meet your expectations.


We understand the importance of being able to quickly change creative directions in a dynamic business environment. We’re here whenever and wherever you need us. It’s the kind of response time we thrive on, and it’s the kind of response time we deliver to all our customers. 24/7 it’s what we do.


The New ADC: Strategist, Technologist, Visionary, and Specialist. We propel your organization forward.
Steve Wood
Steve Wood
Steve has over 30 years experience as a communications professional. He holds a BA from San Francisco State University, and is a graduate of the Hollywood Film Institute. During his career, he has produced and directed many award-winning commercial and educational films and videos.
Tena Twedell-Laws
Tena Twedell-Laws
Marketing Director
Tena has gained a wide range of knowledge working the entire western division from Texas to Washington. Her strengths are building relationships, negotiating media rates and placing media to best reach the target audience. She strives to get the best possible schedules with added value for each client.
DW Wood
DW Wood
Creative Director
DW has extensive corporate experience in international marketing communications to include high-end web development. She specializes in brand identity and messaging. DW holds a Masters Degree and teaches advertising and communications at the college level.
Jon Laws
Jon Laws
Account Executive
Jon was born and raised in the Rogue Valley and started his own business straight out of high school. With a passion for people and their own success, Jon works to build lasting relationships, not only with clients, but with his media vendors, to seek the best possible ROI.


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